About this project

While the Covid crisis has shifted many paradigms and acted as an accelerator for the transformation of businesses and institutions, the French Business Council, Dubai & Northern Emirates, and the French Business Group, Abu Dhabi, are reorganizing themselves to best respond to the current and future challenges to serve our business community, and to ensure the sustainability and quality of its presence in the country.

The United Arab Emirates will celebrate its jubilee this year as well as a mega world event with the Expo 2020 Dubai. The creation of this unique community of members is aligned to this exceptional historical context which reinforces the benefits of the union.

With this strategic alignment and the creation of a common community of members, the CCI FRANCE UAE will gain in visibility, strengths, resources, and quality:

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  • Access services throughout the country will be easier for our members and French companies wishing to set up in the region,
  • With better visibility and effectiveness, CCI FRANCE UAE will become a preferred partner for the authorities and the businesses in the UAE,
  • The combination and rationalization of talents and resources from the FBC and FBG will enable CCI FRANCE UAE to better serve its members and partners, while maintaining its financial stability, 
  • A more powerful and impacting visibility: All of our communication tools and platforms will be mutualized. This will give CCI FRANCE UAE and our members more visibility, and enable a more personalized service.

What are the next steps?

  • Tuesday, 1st June 2021 –  from 12pm to 1pm : Information session dedicated to the in depth presentation of the project and answering our members’ questions. Replay
  • Wednesday, 2nd June 2021 : Members representatives will be able to vote online from Wednesday 2nd June 2021 to Wednesday 23rd June 2021.
  • Wednesday, 23rd June 2021: Extraordinary General Assembly to vote and announce the results of the vote and go through the upcoming steps, followed by an Ordinary General Assembly.

What will be the benefits for me, member of the FBG?

  • A wider geographical coverage: our ambition is to offer a complete coverage of the United Arab Emirates, and therefore maintain our physical footprint in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our service offering will be extended throughout the country.
  • A strategic position with the authorities: the CCI FRANCE UAE will be a key player with the French and Emiratis authorities to defend the interests of its members and French companies wishing to establish in the country.
  • A wider and diversified service offering: this union will allow us to offer the business community a wider range of sectorial and functional committees, covering all of the United Arab Emirates. Depending on the nature of our events, the industries they relate to, they will be scheduled either in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or online.
  • A stronger and larger business community: our members will have an easier access to a larger business community, to network and develop business opportunities.
  • A more powerful and impacting visibility: all of our communication tools and platforms will be mutualized. This will give to CCI FRANCE UAE and our members more visibility, and enable a more personalized service.


Through this union and the creation of a unique community of members the CCI FRANCE UAE will gain greater visibility, resource, strengths and quality:

  • Access to the services across the UAE territory will be simpler for our existing members and for French companies wanting to set up in the region,
  • Our entity will become more visible and a more efficient counterpart for major UAE corporate or public stakeholders,
  • Mutualizing the expertise and resources of the two initial entities, rationalizing their organization, will enable us to better serve our members and partners whilst ensuring financial stability.

A new board election will take place in November 2021

Both chambers are currently in a healthy financial situation despite the Covid crisis. There are no major risks identified.

The new entity will have a broader geographical and services scope thus setting the context of a greater financial platform to work from.

Yes. Our ambition is to constantly improve the quality of our services and support, whether in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

This is, on the contrary, a particularly good time.

It will enable us to build and deliver a common and exemplary service to our members, ahead of and throughout Expo 2020. The Covid crisis has also spurred many organizations to consider and execute forward looking transformations. The alignment of the FBC and FBG, and the creation of a single community of members is consistent with this transformation cycle.

We currently plan to maintain both postal addresses.

Yes. All of our tools will be mutualized.

The two websites will be merged into a unique platform with a unique URL. Social media pages, CRM and directories will be consolidated as well. This should give our communication, for the chamber and our members, more power and impact, and allow for more personnalized service

All UAE based businesses, wherever they may be based in the country, can become members and benefit from our services. 

Depending on the nature of our events, the industries they relate to, they will be scheduled either in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or online.

Our objective is to create a new and common team with the current permanent employees to build from our existing talent, experience and expertise.

The ambition of the future CCI FRANCE UAE is to mutualize our resources to better serve our members and partners. This major project co-led by the FBG and FBC has been in planning for many years.

The ambition to mutualize our resources to better serve our members has been in the pipeline for many years and isn’t just born out of covid

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