Razan Al Mubarak, EAD’s (Abu Dhabi Environment Agency) secretary general and Estelle Pagnon-Pouille, spouse of ambassador of French Republic to UAE became honorary presidents of Women Empowerment Committee this year.
Lead by Mireille Nader, manager at Thales International, the WE committee is an FBG’s initiative established 3 years ago. Its aim is to support women’s economic empowerment and enhance French and Emirati businesswomen cooperation and dialogue. Since its inception, many networking events have been organized for French and Emirati senior professionals.
This year, the WE Committee has entered new stage of development with its vision and missions formally communicated. They are in line with the UAE commitment to reduce the gender gap across all sectors and establish the country as a benchmark for gender balance and legislation. The UAE Gender Balance Council aspires to make the UAE one among the top 25 countries globally supporting gender equality by 2021.
“Empowering Women is not about fighting for women’s rights, but more about the women exerting their right to contribute to success in business as well as social and economic evolution. They are 50 percent of the society, so their role is not negligible in all aspects “, stated Mireille Nader.

The Women Empowerment Committee vision and missions:


The Women Empowerment Committee of French Business Group aims to provide a platform for accomplished French and Emirati women to network, learn from and inspire each other and to promote the effective and influential role of women as business leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and vital partners in economic development.


The French Business Group’s Women Empowerment Committee focuses on:
• Portraying the leadership capabilities of French and Emirati Women.
• Supporting and promoting entrepreneurship opportunities for proficient businesswomen through networking.
• Establishing a network of powerful and influential women leaders able to set new business trends and open doors to new and innovative business models.