On Wednesday 20th June 2018, the FBG held general assemblies at the Royal Meridien Hotel, Abu Dhabi, chaired by Ms Marina Hashim, President of the FBG.

Out of the 197 voting members, 93 members were present or represented through proxys.

The agenda for the evening can be found on the event page.

5pm : Extraordinary General Assembly, A 17h a eu lieu une Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire

Mr Yves-André Gagnard, treasurer of the FBG and member of the executive committee, presented the modifications to the constitution as submitted to the vote of the members.

During this assembly, members who had not already submitted their vote online were able to vote via paper form.  The proposition has been approved by 96% of casted votes.

Results of the vote on the changes of the statutes:
Online vote Paper vote Total
In favour 91 34 125
Against 3 0 3
Abstention / void 2 0 2
Total 96 34 130


7pm: Ordinary General Assembly

Ms Marina Hashim presented the activity report for 2017, followed by Mr Yves-Andre Gagnard with the financial report.  Ms Marina Hashim explained the perspectives for 2018-2019, and in particular the people who will become board members in 2018-2019:

  • E. Dr Rashid Alleem, Chairman, Sharjah Electricity &Water Authority
  • Mr Mohammed Al Ramahi, Chief Executive Officer, Masdar
  • Mohammed Al Huraimel Al Shamsi, Director of Utilities Investments, Mubadala
  • Richad Soundardjee, Chief Executive Officer, Société Générale
  • Laurent Marie, Executive Chairman, Trouvay & Cauvin Group
  • Franck Ladegaillerie, VP Sales-Energy & Infrastracture, Assystem
  • Eric Cohu, Head of country & CEO, BNP Paribas UAE Branches

All the proposals submitted to the votes of members were accepted. 

Results of the vote of the ordinary general assembly:
Report submitted to members’ approval Votes in favour
Financial report 2017 100%
Submitted to members’ confirmation
H.E. Dr Rashid Alleem 98%
Mr Mohammed Al Ramahi 98%
Mr Mohammed Al Huraimel Al Shamsi 98%
Mr Richad Soundardjee 85%
Mr Laurent Marie 98%
Mr Franck Ladegaillerie 85%
Mr Eric Cohu 86%

The count of the votes was conducted by Ms Méliné Eolmezian-Soulie and Hélène Daniel, and Mr Alain Thevenot, Patrice Pous and Patrick Herbs.