Our Mission

Supporting the companies in their search for French, French speakers & international candidates.

With fees only applicable on recruitment completion, very competitive fee and a constantly updated database, we offer a dynamic support to companies.

Thanks to our HR Committee, we provide a space for meeting, advices & exchanges for HR professionals. We reinforce the link between our members.

Informing & guiding the job seekers in their search on the local market.

From improving a resume to coaching, proposing practical workshops, we are the centre for French & French speakers in Abu Dhabi.

To submit your CV, visit the Applicants page. Only applications received via our applicant form will be considered.


Yes, you need a visa to reside and work in the UAE. For more information, we invite you to visit the website of the Embassy of France in the UAE: www.ambafrance-eau.org

The effectiveness of job boards and spontaneous applications is very low. We still advise you to watch the ads and apply, as well as update your profile on LinkedIn. For your research, your best tool will be your network! By participating in networking events, soliciting your professional and personal contacts, attending conferences or trade shows, etc. Your connections will give you access to opportunities and will allow you to be considered as a candidate.

The first rule is to write your resume in English. The English format predominates here, that means that your resume should not fit on a single page, but on 2, 3 or 4 pages depending on your experience. You will have to introduce yourself in a few lines at the beginning of the resume, list your skills with keywords and detail your experiences.

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Supporting the companies in their search for French, French speakers & international candidates.



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