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The FBG is a point of support and information for individuals and companies operating or having the project to create an activity in the Emirates. The communication department offers various communication media to keep you informed and improve the visibility of the Franco Emirienne business community.

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The FBG has a strong presence on social networks; Powerful network on LinkedIn and more than 2,000 contacts on the very active Facebook page of the FBG.

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A site for all information about the House and upcoming events, as well as general reports and information about Abu Dhabi.
Every month the FBG Newsletter informs you about the activities of the room and sends you news from France Abu Dhabi Express.
More than 240 members, companies and individuals, and all the details and information on French and Emirian companies in Abu Dhabi and France.
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Our communication team is dedicated to finding solutions. Our range of tools and networks allow us to guide you through your personal or business projects.
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