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Safran is a leading international high-technology group with three core businesses: Aerospace, Defense and Security (ongoing divestiture of Security business). Operating worldwide, the Group has 66,500 employees* and generated sales of 15.8 billion euros in 2016**. The Group invests in Research & Development to meet the requirements of changing markets, including expenditures of 1.7 billion euros in 2016**. Working alone or in partnership, Safran holds world or European leadership positions in its core markets.


Safran develops, produces and sells engines and propulsion systems for civil and military fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, as well as a wide range of aircraft equipment. Safran is a world leader in the space industry. It offers systems and equipment for launch vehicles and satellites, while Airbus Safran Launchers*** designs and produces the European launchers Ariane 5 and Ariane 6, marketed by its subsidiary Arianespace. Safran is also producing high-performance optics.

No.1 worldwide in single-aisle commercial jet engines (in partnership with GE), helicopter turbine engines, landing gear, wheels and carbon brakes (mainline commercial jets with over 100 seats), electrical wiring interconnection systems for aerospace, power transmissions (mainline commercial jets with over 100 seats), helicopter flight controls, engine control systems for commercial jets (in partnership with BAE Systems), provider of commercial launches into geostationary orbit within Airbus Safran Launchers***, plasma propulsion for satellites, high-performance optics.


Operating in the optronic, inertial guidance, electronics and safety-critical software markets, Safran offers today’s armed forces a complete range of optronic, navigation and optical systems and equipment for use in the air, on land and at sea.

No.1 in Europe optronics systems, inertial navigation, tactical drones.


As a pioneer in identification and detection systems, and a major player in smart cards and e-documents, Safran offers state-of-the-art solutions to meet the evolving security requirements of individuals, businesses and governments.

World leader in biometric ID solutions (based on fingerprint, iris and facial recognition).


*Security included

**Excluding Security

***A 50/50 joint company between Safran and Airbus.

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