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Overseas Marine Logistics L.L.C.

Overseas Marine Logistics L.L.C. is a fully integrated marine service provider.

We provide offshore service vessels for charter to support a wide range of offshore activities including construction, seismic survey, various subsea surveys, diving, rig tow/positioning, maintenance, anchor handling, towing, standby/rescue and platform supply to the oil and gas industries in the regions of Middle East, Indian sub-continent, South East Asia and Africa. In addition, we have an integrated repair and maintenance division which not only ensure vessels under our management are well-kept and maintained but also extend repair services to other ship owners commercially on a substantial scale.

Overseas Marine Logistics L.L.C. has strengthened and broadened the business opportunities in securing potential contracts with major oil & gas companies based in Abu Dhabi, a major oil & gas producing emirate in the UAE

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