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Depuis 30 ans, la société Novelvy Retraite conseille et accompagne les expatriés sur le sujet de leurs droits à la retraite. Elle réalise des prestations incluant l’établissement d’un bilan de retraite et la prise en charge des démarches de liquidation de retraite.

An advisory services company on French pension rights, Novelvy Retraite offers expatriates two types of service:
– A ‘bilan retraite’ is an exhaustive review and audit of your actual accumulated pension rights, plus an evaluation of your rights under various options going forward, based on your professional and personal plans. You have then all the facts to plan your retirement strategy (e.g. should you remain in the system or exit when working on a « local  » employment contract, what is the optimum moment to claim pension rights, etc…) and you can identify ways to optimize your rights.
– A ‘liquidation de retraite’ is a service whereby Novelvy will undertake on your behalf all the steps required to obtain claim your pension rights. This service will give the comfort and assurance of delegating to expert professionals based in France the complex and time–consuming tasks of ensuring that all pension rights under the various regimes to which you have contributed over your career have been duly taken into account and claims are made in due time. We will also verify that the first actual payments of your pension are in conformity with your claims.

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