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nCLO3URE is a firm of consulting and designing engineers dedicated to providing practical, innovative, and technically sound solutions to problems in both new and existing buildings. With Principals combining more than half a century of experience with enclosure design, we have successfully provided solutions for buildings and structures involving virtually every conceivable construction material, structural system, and architectural component. nCLO3URE’s personnel are leaders in their respective professions and bring with them a level of collective wisdom and expertise that can only be gained through direct, hands-on experience in architectural and structural engineering, materials conservation, and instrumentation.

In the context of building enclosure design, performance verification, commissioning, and quality assurance services, nCLO3URE remains at the forefront of this process and is recognized in the Gulf for its commitment to ensuring the delivery of energy efficient, environmentally conscious, technically sound, safe, and serviceable buildings and structures.

nCLO3URE was founded on one basic principle: Delivering better solutions requires a better understanding of the problem. From the start, we have delivered a hands-on, technically sound, first-principles approach to our work and an enthusiasm for problem solving that is immediately evident in the delivery of our services and the quality of our work. Our history is enclosure design and construction verification in virtually every climate. Our goal is to bring this experience forward into design and construction so that we can improve and enhance the quality and performance of our built environment.

With professionals operating from Dubai and multiple other counties with a large Engineering office in Manila, Philippines, nCLO3URE has the resources to respond to virtually any problem and offers a wide range of technical services and expertise in all aspects of design and construction technology.

On a regular basis, we renew and expand our knowledge on new technologies, problem-solving techniques, and lessons learned from recent case study projects within the industry.

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