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The EDF Group is the world’s leading electricity company, very well established in Europe. Its business covers all electricity related activities from generation to networks and commerce.

In matter of networks, EDF is committed to developing smart grids in order to adjust generation distribution and consumption with more and more finesse.

In the generation field, EDF has a very diversified energy mix is investing to reduce the environmental footprint and modernize its thermal power plant. The company exports its expertise in projects such as those for combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT).

In nuclear power, EDF Group is the world’s N°1 nuclear operator. It designs, builds, operates and maintains 73 reactors in France and the UK. EDF is exporting its expertise to other countries.

In matter of renewables, EDF is helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combating global warming by developing a competitive and diversified low‐carbon energy mix. The Group is a long‐standing player in hydroelectricity and is continuing to optimize its generation fleet.

Through its subsidiary EDF Energies Nouvelles, it is also investing in onshore and offshore wind power and in photovoltaic solar.

The EDF group’s Research & Development (R&D) is one of the biggest in the electricity sector, with 10 sites on three continents. R&D Division works for all the group’s businesses.

Key Figures:

Total Electricity Generation: 580,8 TWh

(56% nuclear, 17% Hydropower, 10% fossil fired excl gas, 10% combined cycle & cogeneration, 7% other renewables)

Installed Capacity: 129,3 GWe

Customers: 35,1 million

Employees (worldwide): 152 000

Sales: €69.6 billion

Net income: €3.2 billion

Net investments: €16.0 billion

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