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Conference ‘How Blockchain may enhance your business’

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We are pleased to invite you,  to the next FBG discussion group meeting titled ‘How Blockchain may enhance your business’ which is being held on the evening of Tuesday 18th September at 6.30 pm.

 We will be presenting Blockchains and ICOs, which are now in the public conscience and subject to daily mainstream media. Tokens sold via ICOs have raised funds for the development of their founding companies of more than US$20 billion. By the end of 2017, not less than 30 ICOs have taken place every day.

This new eco-system is based on the blockchain technology. It is easy to see why blockchain is valuable but understanding how it works can be a challenge. Blockchain is a complex piece of technology that is capable of changing of many facets of business.  Through this meeting, you will be able to understand how blockchain may enhance your business.  History, basic technical concepts, case studies and the future of blockchain shall be presented as well as regulatory and legal considerations before the FAQ and networking cocktail.

The presentation shall be made by Gustavo Montero and Alex Rigaud of AGAR Development LLC and Pierre-Yves Lucas of Bonnard Lawson – International Law Firm – Dubai Branch.